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The Author

Jacksen West was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the oldest of three children. After his father left his family when Jacksen was only five years old, he was raised by his mother, his father did visit, but it was rare. When Jacksen was eleven, his mother moved the family back to her hometown of Appleton, Wisconsin.


His Grandparents purchased a one hundred year old, four bedroom victorian home, so Jacksen and his sister and brother has a stable home to continue their education and grow up with a sense of stability and family.


"That old house was haunted", Jacsksen would tell anyone who would listen. He remembers doors closing on their own and footsteps at all hours of the night, this was the beginning of his interest in the writing and drawing what he felt in that old house.


He attended three different colleges and upon finishing started a small mail order business selling his own self published books and training videos.


After several years as a pop singer in his twenties, Jacksen started to paint and write. His love of abstract art led him to paint in the Jackson Pollock style of drip painting. Jackson successfully sold 22 of his original abstract paintings, but felt the need to write overpowering.


Beginning with his poetry, Jacksen quickly had well over 115,000 Facebook followers and thousands upon thousands of In stagram followers. His poems were so popular, he decided to write a book of love poems, it's called LOVED and is available here on this website.

Jacksen's first ever horror novel REEPER will be available in late July and is sure to become a best seller quickly.

With several new novel's in the works, another horror novel and a science fiction novel, Jacksen West is a writer that is here to stay.

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